List and briefly define four application areas for wireless LANs.

What are the main application area of wireless LAN?
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"LAN extension: a wireless LAN integrated with a wired LAN to extend the coverage area of the LAN complex; cross-building interconnect: wireless point-topoint link two LANs; nomadic access: provides a wireless link between a LAN hub and a mobile data terminal equipped with an antenna, such as a laptop computer or notepad computer; ad hoc network: a peer-to-peer network (no centralized server) set up temporarily to meet some immediate need."
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Infrared light (IR) devices employ extremely high frequencies, at the base of visible light inside electromagnetic spectrum, to cart facts. Such as lighting, IR are not able to penetrate opaque physical objects; it's possibly aimed (range-connected with-view) or even calm technology. Economical guided devices supply not a lot of range (3 ft) in addition to normally can be used PANs although sometimes are utilized within certain WLAN programs.
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