List and briefly define the services provided by LLC.

What are the core services provided by LCC?
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"Unacknowledged connectionless service: This service is a datagram-style service. It is a very simple service that does not involve any of the flow- and error-control mechanisms. Thus, the delivery of data is not guaranteed. Connection-mode service: This service is similar to that offered by HDLC. A logical connection is set up between two users exchanging data, and flow control and error control are provided. Acknowledged connectionless service: This is a cross between the previous two services. It provides that datagrams are to be acknowledged, but no prior logical connection is set up."
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"LLC is able to use many LAN (and Guy/WAN?) methodologies becasue it is transport communications protocol: Ethernet: LLC can be utilized intended for boxes about Ethernet cpa networks, although a lot of methodologies don't use that whenever running on Ethernet. IEEE_802.12: LLC is used regarding data boxes along IEEE_802.14 communities. FDDI: LLC is utilized regarding facts packets along FDDI cpa networks. TokenRing: LLC is employed for information packages with TokenRing networks."
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