List and briefly explain the fields in an ATM cell.

Elaborate individuall the feild of ATM cell?
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Mobile or portable Deprivation Precedence The particular Mobile Burning Top priority (CLP) area is really a just one-bit subject utilized being a priority indicator. Only when it's collection for you to 0, this electric cell can be high concern and interim changes have to make every effort to forward your mobile or portable efficiently. If your CLP little bit is determined to a single, this temporary knobs often discard your mobile inside traffic jam predicaments. The CLP bit is extremely similar to the Toss Eligibility (Delaware) little within Framework Exchange."
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"Cell Loss Priority The Cell Loss Priority (CLP) field is a 1-bit field used as a priority indicator. When it is set to 0, the cell is high priority and interim switches must make every effort to forward the cell successfully. When the CLP bit is set to 1, the interim switches sometimes discard the cell in congestion situations. The CLP bit is very similar to the Discard Eligibility (DE) bit in Frame Relay."
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