List and briefly explain the three main functions of BGP.

What are the three most important functions of BGP?
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"Neighbor acquisition: neighbor acquisition occurs when two neighboring routers in different autonomous systems agree to exchange routing information regularly. One router sends a request message to the other, which may either accept or refuse the offer. Neighbor reachability: Each partner needs to be assured that the other partner still exists and is still engaged in the neighbor relationship. For this purpose, the two routers periodically issue Keepalive messages to each other. Network reachability: Each router maintains a database of the networks that it can reach and the preferred route for reaching each network. Whenever a change is made to this database, the router issues an Update message that is broadcast to all other routers implementing BGP. Because the Update message is broadcast, all BGP routers can build up and maintain their routing information."
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BGP uses a fairly intricate system with regard to path resolve. This protocol goes beyond this restricted view regarding thinking of the next ut with a multilevel the way distance-vector calculations similar to Grab function. Alternatively, this BGP modem outlets far more complete details about the way (string of self-reliant programs) by themselves to your system. Special way features illustrate the actual traits associated with pathways, and they are used in the operation of road option. To its storage regarding not just next-hop but journey data, BGP may also be called a way transmitter process. "
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