List and briefly define the types of operation provided by the LLC protocol.

Exlpain thoroughly different LLC protocol operations?
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"Type 1 operation supports unacknowledged connectionless service. There is no acknowledgment, flow control, or error control. Type 2 operation supports connection-mode service, using mechanisms similar to HDLC. Type 3 operation supports acknowledged connectionless service. Each transmitted PDU is acknowledged using a stop-and-wait technique."
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"While many says tend not to officially command the LLC on an working contract, this’ohydrates silly to perform a LLC with out one, although you may’re truly the only owner of your company. A operating deal aids ones LLC through guarding ones minimal indebtedness reputation, heading off personal and managing misconceptions, in addition to making sure your online business governed from your personal regulations — certainly not this go delinquent rules of your condition. "
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