List the requirements for an internetworking facility.

Elaborate some major requirements for internetworking facility?
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"(1.) Provide a link between networks. At minimum, a physical and link control connection is needed. (2) Provide for the routing and delivery of data between processes on different networks. (3) Provide an accounting service that keeps track of the use of the various networks and routers and maintains status information. (4) Provide the services just listed in such a way as not to require modifications to the networking architecture of any of the constituent networks. This means that the internetworking facility must accommodate a number of differences among networks."
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"The look and design aspects of that constructing were particularly designed approximately Excessive Stage’ohydrates special company procedures and marketplace very best-procedures. The main purpose of this kind of facility should be to far better provide your consumers. Regardless of what your client prerequisite, exact or perhaps concern, the amenities are at the removal. "
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