Lot's of questions on Steamships, please help?

"We need a lot of of info in steamships: one) With 1862, would certainly steamships such as Fantastic Eastern also have elevators? Or even, any time were being elevators initial found in delivers? (elizabeth.G. The Titanic) two) Might boat paddle tires and screw propeller propellers use unitedly, or maybe might only 1 of these two be familiar with energy your vessel? several) Might a new steamer get lived through inwards raining waters? 4) What type of careers would the particular gang have inked? (I will merely consider moving dog crates as well as barrels, observation the particular sails in addition to in the role of A lookout - some other careers?) 5 various) With a steamer within 1862, would there has been the tyre? Many thanks!"
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"1 Indeed no elevators in the 1860s, more likely from early in the 20th century. 2 In the Great Eastern the idea was to use paddles and screws together. Not many ships were fitted with both. 3 Many small steamships crossed the Atlantic, most survived storms. 4 Crew would have shovelled coal into the furnaces running the boilers - oil-fired boilers did not generally come in until early in the 20th century - Titanic built 1912 was coal-fired, with the 'stokers' working in very hot conditions in the lowest part of the ship. In the 1860s crew would also have hoisted and trimmed sails if sails were provided, acted as lookouts, shifted cargo if needed to get the ship upright, loaded and stowed coal from the wharf (a dirty job!), helped with the cables as the ship left or approached the dockside. 5 Yes, there would have been a steering wheel."
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"The phrase steamboat is usually utilized to reference smaller sized heavy steam-driven ships focusing on waterways, in particular riverboats; steamship usually identifies much larger sauna-centric vessels, commonly underwater-heading, competent at having a (ship's) vessel. "
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