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What criteria should be followed if Projects are mutually exclusive?
There is a situation in which the two projects available are mutually exclusive and we have to select only one project. How can we decide which projec...
What is the “waiting period”?
Hi I am have trouble in understand this economic term called waiting period. Someone please elaborate it.
What is the “lock-up period”?
Hi I was asked by my teacher to explain lock up period to class and I cannot find anything. Please help.
What are the services offered by Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)?
Hi I am preparing a report on different finance organization in different countries and I want some material about OSC in Canada. Please help.
John is a current employee working in one of the Non-government organization in Tanzania and earning a net salary of TSHS. 700,000/= which is equivale...
Development banks
Que1. Define development banks. Or Discuss the importance or objective. Or Role of development bank.Que2. Distinguish between development bank and com...
What Days in inventory measures?
Hi I am not able to understand the concept of days in inventory measurement. Please elaborate.
When to use the MIRR instead of the IRR?
MIRR is preferred over IRR in certain situation. Please guide about the situations in which MIRR can be used instead of IRR for determining the feasib...
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Define the term short term financing?
Hi all! In a class group discussion I was asked to describe it , but in simple words .
What is the role of borrower in interest rate fluctuations?
Hey guys! One more question stuck, it is about fluctuations.
What is trade credit in perspective of financial management?
Can some one out in the Docsity world provide the details of trade credit.
Define Accounts payable?
Hi all, need help me , any body knows about Accounts payable.
What is the role of Accounts Payable in Credit Rating?
Can some one out in the Docsity world provide the details of Accounts payable.
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