Did manatees exist during Spanish Exploration in the West Indies?

Over the times during the People regarding Juan Panderer p Téupon as well as Arawak Agreements by Hispaniola and also Cuba towards Western world Indies as well as the Bahamas, did manatees this mermaid that we understand connected with, swimming having making sweet photos and videos in the present day, especially young children, very pre-adolescent young ladies for example, down in California and also spots like this having Mothers, Fathers, Littermates be even in the past inside the 1600s and 18th century in the time How to speak spanish Pursuit?
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Manatees existed at the time, yes. They have been around for the last 60 millions of years. Although I do no know if there were manatees in the West Indies during Spanish exploration.
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" Western world Native american manatees ar large, grey water mammals using bodies which taper to a flat, spank-formed end. They have got two forelimbs, termed flippers, using 3 to 4 toenails with to each one flipper. Their scalp along with deal with are generally old and wrinkly with face fungus about the beak. The actual manatee's best family include the elephant along with the hyrax (a smaller, pocket gopher-sort of mammal). Manatees usually are believed to rich person evolved from any wading, seed-consuming canine. The particular Western Indian native manatee is related to the particular Western side Photography equipment manatee, the Amazonian Trichechus manatus, the dugong, and Steller's sirenian, that was hunted for you to extinguishing inwards 1768. The normal grownup Trichechus manatus is all about twelve feet prolonged along with weighs in at 'tween 400 as well as just one,250 lbs. "
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