Margaret Beauford married Lord Stanley & somehow became a powerful king-maker. How did she do it please?

I used to be thinking precisely how
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"Margaret Beaufort was a descendant of Edward III through John of Gaunt, and was the mother of the leading Lancastrian claimant to the throne- Henry Tudor-later Henry VII. Stanley was already quite powerful as he had connections through a previous marriage to the Neville family. His family had a long association with the lancastrian cause, although he had been reconciled to Edward IV in 1460.Stanley was also descended from Edward I. Margaret and Lord Stanley were therefore a formidable combination. Margaret herself was a very tough and determined woman (and 'pushy mother'), she was a key conspirator in Buckingham's rebellion against Richard III, and negotiated the marriage between Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York (daughter of Edward IV). What is surprising given all this is that Richard III trusted the Stanleys at all. They seriously undermined his position at the Battle of Bosworth."
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"Inwards June 1472, Margaret committed Johnson Stanley, our creator High Constable in addition to Baron of Mann. His or her union was to begin with a married relationship connected with advantage. Current historians have suggested that Margaret never ever deemed himself a member from the Stanley family members.[tough luck] She conspired in opposition to Richard III with all the dowager california king, At the Woodville. While Elizabeth's daughter's, the actual Princes from the Podium, were being presumed murdered, both the ladies agreed on the actual espousal regarding Margaret's daughter, Mom, to be able to At the involving You are able to, the actual firstborn child regarding Edward cullen 4. Margaret's partner besides confidentially conspired towards Rich."
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