Any material that carries an electronic signal to support communications is called a(n)?

"a new. Newspapers m. Marketing communications advertising g. Tv set signal n. Radio emission"
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"While both B, C and D are true, I would say the most correct answer is E - a Conductor. C and D are actually included in answer B ""Empty space"", (which doesn't literally exist), is a conductor for electromagnetic energy, so any radio/TV signal can travel through it, and in many cases, reflected by objects it encounters. However a wire is also a conductor, and can be used to carry communications. This is not included in your list. In fact, all radio and TV signals travel through a wire, (usually a co-axial cable), from the transmitter to the transmitting antenna, and again from the receiving antenna to the receiver. A rare exception is a micro-transmitter, like a key fob that locks and unlocks your car. There is no actual transmission line, the transmitting antenna connects directly to the transmitter."
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an aneroid barometer uses rotary position as the signal to convey pressure information.
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