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dharmesh 30-05-2013
dharmesh - Agra University
    A new treatment being examined in medical studies for beginning of kidney melanoma. A non-toxic substance is treated into the blood. It gathers in the growth for a few days. Then a special laser light is targeted on the melanoma where it triggers the substance. ...
rana-r 30-05-2013
rana-r - Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences
    Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a therapy that uses a photosensitizing medication (a medication that becomes triggered by mild exposure) and a mild to stimulate the used medication. The result is an triggered fresh air compound that can eliminate close by cells. ...
eklya 04-06-2013
eklya - National Institute of Industrial Engineering
"Three Components are required for PDT simultaneously: Photosensitizer Cellular Oxygen Light of suitable wavelength   Source:"

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