Mention any two features of perception.

Can you list any two perception features of a person.
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"Perception is an intellectual process; It is broad in nature; it includes a physiological component (through sensation), as well as sociological and psychological components; It is a subjective process as two people may perceive the same stimuli differently. Source:"
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"Conception (from the Latin perceptio, percipio) would be the corporation, designation along with design associated with sensory info to be able to represent and also comprehend the environment. Just about all understanding requires indicators inside the systema nervosum, which inturn originate from actual pleasure in the common sense internal organs. For example, imagination entails light punching the retinas on the sight, smell can be mediated through odor molecules along with listening will involve force ocean. Perception is not the peaceful receipt of such signals, but not possibly be formed aside learning, memory space and also outlook. Belief will involve these kind of ""top-lower"" personal effects along with the ""base-way up"" technique of producing sensorial enter. The actual ""base-in place"" producing is basically lower-flat data that is accustomed to build up increased-levels details (we.electronic. - patterns regarding target recognition). The particular ""circus tent-lower"" processing is the term for your principle as well as objectives (expertise) of which influence perception. Sensing is dependent upon sophisticated features on the nervous system, merely subjectively would seem mainly casual since this running comes about exterior aware awareness. "
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