"How might operant conditioning principles be applied at school, in sports, at work, and at home?"

Hello to everybody, please explain about the applications of operant conditioning at school, in sports, at work, and at home and also their principles.
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"In school, teachers can use shaping techniques to guide students’ behaviors, and they can use interactive software and Web sites to provide immediate feedback. In sports, coaches can build players’ skills and self-confidence by rewarding small improvements. At work, managers can boost productivity and morale by rewarding well-defined and achievable behaviors. At home, parents can reward behaviors they consider desirable, but not those that are undesirable. We can shape our own behaviors by stating our goals, monitoring the frequency of desired behaviors, reinforcing desired behaviors, and cutting back on incentives as behaviors become habitual."
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"Operant conditioning (or instrumental conditioning) is a term mastering by which a person's behavior can be altered by means of its penalties; the particular actions may perhaps alternation in style, rate of recurrence, or perhaps durability. "
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