Moment ( torque ) question?

"Could somebody reveal how come the particular moment's course is actually verticle with respect for the planes containing the particular force plus the adjustable rate mortgage? Furthermore How come the minute in regards to a place is equivalent to the ( aloofness involving the level plus the force out ) cross the particular force rather than another technique ( we.e this pressure cross the particular dist) ? ... Now i'm quite puzzled .............Thanks ahead of time."
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Review the source. Look at the video description of the torque vector as the cross product of the Force vector and the radius vector. (Right hand rule) One practical example would be a bicycle wheel held by a person standing on a platform that can rotate freely. With the bicycle wheel rotation and the person standing on the platform holding the bicycle wheel at arm's length (the radius vector) and the person holding the bicycle wheel tries to rotate the axle which causes the rotation of the platform clockwise or counter clockwise.
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Review the source.
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