What are the Need and Motivation factor of Internal and related to the perceiver factors of perceptual selectivity?

Some please provide the Perceptual Selectivity factors of Internal and related to the perceive called as "Need and Motivation"?
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"Needs and Motivation: Selection of a stimulus depends upon our needs, wants and motivation. We would be receptive to a stimulus which we feel is relevant for us, as based on our needs. For example, if a person wants to buy a flat (safety and security need), and he is high on the esteem need too, he would prefer looking at advertisements for availability of flats in the posh areas of the city. He would be receptive to such stimuli that support this need. Similarly for people strong on need for achievement, they would be receptive to inputs or stimuli that support their need. Thus, people with different needs select different stimuli (i.e. items) to respond to. The stronger the need is, the greater would be the tendency to select related stimuli and ignore unrelated stimuli in the environment. Source:"
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"The particular perceptual mechanics will be counting two kinds of variables; one) exterior elements, linked to the stimuli also to the planet; as well as, two) inside variables, in connection with the actual beholder, by means of market, socio-national along with psychographic variables."
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