How much will hormone therapy cost if I went into private health care?

In britain we now have your National health service. It's where by duty funds pays for most health-related charges. Now i am transexual and I wish to start out bodily hormone treatment. Your ready and waiting(p) listing in my place is all about iii-5 years for that bodily chemical treatment/ medical procedures. The amount would it charge to look individual therefore i wouldn't be over a holding out record for the rest of my life?
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"A lot of money, as the individual consultations and the cost of the actual medication will be extensive over a period of time. Once you enter the private sector the drugs bill also becomes a private expense as mix and match is not always an option. Private is not a short cut to the NHS and will not get you a NHS bed for this type of treatment and gender re assignment surgery will cost thousands. Remember that some of the waiting time within the NHS is also part of the future treatment programme and there is a lot of counselling and other support processes in place while you go on to hormone treatment and then surgery. This type of extensive and permanent surgery should not be rushed as it is life changing the time involved is to some extent a safety net as well."
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"a tremendous amount Funds The most cost effective sort of insurance. This may covering fire inner-sufferer remedy merely for that reason you need to ask evaluation qualifications, advisor prices in addition to infirmary remedy. "
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