Why is a musician never satisfied with the amount of work they put into their creation?

"When I am writing, composing, or playing my instrument I never think i'm good enough. I try my best and people seem to like it but I never think it's good enough. I always feel that there's more to add to my compositions than what was previously there. So why is a musician never satisfied with their creations?"
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"I think because in art there is no such thing as ""perfect""- something can be sublime or groundbreaking, but never perfect because there is no limit to how good a work of art could become (the only limit is the artist themselves). With things like science and math, on the other hand, a mathematician can be satisfied with the amount of work they put into a problem because once they've got the right answer, that's it and it's perfect. It's either right or wrong- much more clear-cut. Hope this helps!"
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