Name the multi-attribute attitude models.

List the name of the Attitude Model Multi-attribute?
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"I'll take a stab at it, but it's not my field, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. According to the Fishbein model, a consumer's overall attitude toward an object (o) is determined by: E = the evaluation of the goodness of a particular attribute an object may have B = the strength of belief that a particular object has that attribute Examples of the above: If a particular consumer believes that trans fats are really, really bad for his health and is going out of his way to avoid them And that same consumer believes that Grease-ian Formula Potato Chips are very high in trans fats Then that particular consumers attitude about Grease-ian Formula Chips is very negative"
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"A potentially profitable area for improving the ability of attitude toward a brand to predict choice of that brand over competing brands by a consumer is consideration of the situational variables which affect consumer behavior. Wicker (1969) states ""a general postulate regarding situational influence on attitude-behavior relationships is the following: the more similar the situations in which verbal and overt behavioral responses are obtained, the stronger will be the attitude-behavior relationship."" "
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"The attitude-toward-object model, the attitude-toward-behavior model, the theoryof- reasoned-action model. Source:"
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