If all are of nature, and all are of Earth (life we know), then wouldn't we be nature arguing with itself?

At this point, community, beliefs, our lives, all that we hold important and all the differences we value, what would be the result if the illusion dissipated and you began to see a pattern in how all others function? Surely the only way we can hold such contradictory beliefs all in one place (Earth) is only by believing that people are different, or maybe it is that we desired this difference in the past so much that it led to us forming the belief of contradiction itself?

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"This is a very involving question. I would not say we'd be nature arguing with itself. I would say, we are nature trying to make sense of itself. Its part of evolution. Our genetic make up and brain capacity at this point is capable of a certain level of perception. It is also at a certain level of processing all that is percieved. As humanoids evolve, so does their level of perception, processing and clarity."

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On this talk, I'd really like to take a position a trifle, on the growth of liveliness within the galaxy, and in particular, the introduction of reasoning(a) lifestyle. One shall get this to add a person's ethnic background, even though much of its doings during heritage, may be very stupid, and not deliberate to help you the tactical from the kinds. 2 questions We will discuss are generally, 'Is there a probability of lifetime active otherwise where in your whole world?' in addition to, 'Just how whitethorn existence develop in the future?'

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