Needed power for a motor?

"I own a occupation quill that may be becoming pushed by a motor via a strip. The queue base also offers a few various other belts that will travel machinery. The energy needs for each and every section of compulsive devices are shown. e.g., there're 5 various horsepower , v hewlett packard, along with 15 hewlett packard. Just how do i received approximately finding the necessary motor power necessary to drive the actual devices. Do i merely add together the facility requirments with the factors up? Furthermore 'm presumption this diameters of the machines as well as the revolving rates of speed of every."
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"If all the loads are present at the same time, just add them up. But RPM and torque also are important. You have to match the motor RPM with the required RPM for the three pieces of machinery."
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you should add all your comonenets
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