"How do neuroscientists study the brain’s connections to behavior and mind?"

"Hey guys. I am preparing for my mid-term examination. Can you help me on the role of neuroscientists and its study about the brain’s connections to behavior and mind."
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"Professional medical findings in addition to lesioning expose the general connection between brain hurt. MRI reads currently show encephalon constructions, in addition to EEG, PET, along with fMRI (practical MRI) sessions reveal human brain activity."
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The mind has not for ages been looked upon since the centre for your performance soundbox as we know so that it is today. Instead, as their pharmicudical counterpart continues to be the midst of a lot conversation for many decades. It's obtained ages to build up our own perception of the mind and the way it right has an effect on our behaviours, along with countless good heads focused on obtaining just how our systems employment and also functionality both unremarkably in addition to abnormally.
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