"How do neurotransmitters influence behavior, and how do drugs and other chemicals affect neurotransmission?"

"Hello everyone! My assignment is due next monday and I haven't got a clue how to solve it. The question is about neurotransmitters influence behavior, and the role of drugs and other chemicals affect neurotransmission."
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To each one natural chemical moves a selected way from the head and has a certain relation to behaviour in addition to inner thoughts. Acetylcholine has an effect on muscle activity, acquisition, along with ram. Hormones are usually organic opiates launched in reply in order to ache and use. Medicines and also other substances have an effect on interaction for the synapse. Agonists enthuse by mimicking certain neurotransmitters or even by stopping the reuptake. Antagonists slow down a selected neurotransmitter’ohydrates release or maybe obstruct its effect."
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Neurotransmitters affect behavior since for you to work well you have to have the right amount involving chemicals (no more instead of fewer). If you have to a greater extent (by removing medicines), it's going to effect behaviour as well as experience.
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