Was Oliver Cromwell financed and militarily supported by the Netherlands?

exactly how they seemed to be and the reason? did the Nederlander additionally fund as well as service aside craft at least "The actual 25 Decades Conflict""? if so, wherefore and ways in which?
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"No. The Dutch were still in rebellion against Spain for independence throughout the 30 Years War,and needed French subsidies to finance their own military.They were in no position to finance anyone else,and anyway as Parliament controlled almost all the major ports and the English navy throughout most of the English Civil wars,they had plenty of money of their own,and could finance their own war efforts. Cromwell was only a captain of a troop of horse (60-70 men) in 1642 when the English Civil wars began, and didn't even become commander-in-chief of the New Model Army until the second half of 1650.Apart from a few individuals who enlisted in isolation from each other,and the Queen's Regiment of Horse (composed of French volunteers) on the Royalist side in the First English Civil War,armies in the English Civil Wars were composed of English,Irish,Scots and Welsh soldiers;there were no foreign contingents."
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"Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, Eng.perished Kinfolk. three, 1658, Greater london) Uk soldier and solon, master guard in the republican State associated with England, Scotland, as well as Eire (165358). "
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