On what goals, Top Level of Management strives to achieve?

Please provide the Top Level of Management goal in any organization?
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The program themselves specifies what ought to be done, by means of which, where by, as soon as, and the way. All businesses — from your smallest eating house for the largest multinational corporation — ought to grow options with regard to becoming successful. When a business may architectural plan an option, it requires to first determine what the item wants to reach
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"Desired goals must designate the timeframe over which are going to achieved. Due dates give affiliates one thing to figure toward and also assist make sure carried on improvement. While doing so, managers really should set brief-phrase output deadlines in the process to ensure that their own subordinates are certainly not overwhelmed by one prominent, seemingly unaccomplishable goal. It might be right to provide a short-run objective such as, “Set up a purchaser data source by simply June 40.” Targets must be linked to rewards. Folks who reach desired goals must be compensated along with anything significant and in connection with your objective. Merely will personnel think that their particular work is sought after, they can also get something perceptible to be able to motivate all of them later on"
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"The top management is the ultimate source of authority and it manages goals and policies for an enterprise. It devotes more time on planning and coordinating functions. The role of the top management can be summarized as follows - a. Top management lays down the objectives and broad policies of the enterprise. b. It issues necessary instructions for preparation of department budgets, procedures, schedules etc. c. It prepares strategic plans and policies for the enterprise. d. It appoints the executive for middle level i.e. departmental managers. e. It controls and coordinates the activities of all the departments. f. It is also responsible for maintaining a contact with the outside world. g. It provides guidance and direction. h. The top management is also responsible towards the shareholders for the performance of the enterprise. Source:"
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