Did people brush their teeth much before World war 1? or has it only been a recent thing?

"if that's so,,the reason it is? how long have got men and women likewise been paid to see a dental practice annually or more for the visit along with enamel cleanup? how men and women been able previous to ? is it really necessity? or perhaps just what prompted this type of replace in order to some people's know-how? 1 day agone Why did persons start off likely to visit a dental practice each year or even 2 a per annum? men and women didnt even brush their own enamel definitely considerably just before WW2 or maybe one particular? why currently it seems that you'll want to proceed and see some sort of tooth doctor for just a visit in addition to washing? what individuals understand or find out which made them try this? the way? how differs concerning The british isles in addition to United states of america? or maybe how about in Malaysia or perhaps Spain or Italy? (each goes to discover the actual dental practice as well every year?)"
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"My gran was born just after the first war she brushed her teeth with a little bit of cloth and some soot from the chimney. People have had bad teeth since the the beginning of agriculture, hunter gathers had far better general health due to the amount of wild meat and fish they ate (one in the eye for the veggies). Once agriculture began you start to find real teeth problems due to grit from grind stones getting into flour. The real problem of cavities begins when sugar becomes cheaper we are not designed to eat it. Many soldiers in ww1 in their early 20's had false death because dental hygiene was so poor and sugar so easily available. The 6 month visits to the dentist exist because they are not funded in the same way as doctor, dentist charge per visit, nhs doctors earn by the hour. The 6 month visit is just a scam to get more money for dentists."
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cleanup pearly white's is usually an early point folks manipulation diffirent factors ahead of compared to latest ways
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