Why were the people of West Germany resentful towards the people of East Germany after the reunification?

The reason why ended up the folks regarding Western world Germany resentful for the folks involving Due east Indonesia as soon as the reunification?
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As a "West" German I can tell you that it is not true that West Germans were resentful towards East Germans. However, they did not like paying more tax, which was transferred to Eastern Germany, as ammianus already pointed out. This money was especially needed for privatisation and rebuilding and improving the infrastructure. Western taxpayers also had to pay for an increase in East Germans pension schemes, because the pension schemes of East Germans was very low as was common in the Communist countries. Meanwhile, public funds were less being used for Western infrastructure. East Germans on the other hand, were not happy that West German industrialists and big business were looting and lots of jobs were being destroyed in the privatisation process. But resentful is the wrong word to generalise the attitude of both sides. That was only with individuals the case, but not overall.
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"Eastern side Germany's reply to people wanting to evade this regime (legally kNo..........................................wn since flight from the Commonwealth, Republikflucht) would have been to assemble the Berlin Wall and also internal-A language like german line. "
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