"Define Personality. Differentiate between a personality trait and personality types."

Please provide the detail description of a personality. Also provide some major differences between the personality traits and types.
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"Personality is defined as a sum total of outer physiological as well as the inner psychological characteristics that determine and reflect how a person reacts to his environment. It exhibits itself through a unique psychological makeup that activates behavior on the part of an individual in response to forces in his or her environment. However, the emphasis is on the inner characteristics, i.e., the qualities, attributes, traits, and mannerisms that differentiate one individual from another individual, and make him unique in his own way. It is noteworthy that as individuals we possess such traits, and people who share a particular trait(s) are said to belong to a personality type. The term personality has been defined variedly, so has been the evolution; while some researchers have stressed the influence that heredity has on the make-up of personality, others have also included experiences in early childhood; still others have laid emphasis on as well as environmental influences across different periods in a person’s life cycle, and illustrated how personality continues to develop over lifetime. The approach towards the study has also been debatable. While some look at personality as a unified whole, others focus on specific personality traits. Just as an individual has a personality, similarly products also have a personality of their own. As Schiffman has put it consumer personality refers to the “unique dynamic organization of characteristics of a particular person, physical and psychological, which influence behavior and responses to the social and physical environment.” As individuals, each one of us is unique with a wide array of qualities, attributes, traits and characteristics. However, each one of us shares with each other a quality or a few trait (s). When we share a trait (s) with another (others), we are said to be similar on that trait and thus we together with the other person (s), is said to fall in a personality type. In other words, a personality trait is a person's inclination to behave in a particular way while interacting with the external environment to achieve goals; this would be specific to an area of a person's life. Many personality traits put together, comprise the personal make-up of a person and culminate into his personality. On the other hand, a group of people who share personality traits are said to fall into a personality class; they are expected to react to the environment in a similar manner as they are similar to each other on the basis of certain trait (s). For example, stubbornness may be a trait; dogmatism and or even innovativeness would become a personality type. Source:"
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"n short, the individuality quality is usually a individuals inclining in order to do within a finical means even though reaching the actual additional setting to attain desired goals; this may be distinct to a area of an individual's life. Many character traits build, constitute the private produce-of anyone in addition to culminate in their individuality. Then again, someone who share nature tend to be thought to fit in A persona course of study; these are anticipated to reply to environmental surroundings in a similar way as they are much like each other based on sure quality (s)."
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