Can you survive getting your throat slit?

I watched the film 'Lawless' and it showed you a scene where a person had their throat slit, there was plenty of blood coming from that area & yet they supposedly survived it! Is this possible does anyone know? Or would this have made the film ridiculously far fetched?

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deffstar 05-02-2013
deffstar - University of Leeds
Yes, it depends on whether the wound was deep enough to damage the major vessels in the neck, the jugular vein and carotid artery. If either of these were cut, your chances would be slim if not non existent.
drup 30-05-2013
drup - Amity Business School
You should gratify me personally, in case you would certainly, in a very diseased theoretical: if I ended up this sad people receiving some sort of fleet decrease through the jugular triggered through an individual pretty skilled inside the job, what would My partner and i experience with the remaining instances? One think the primary reduce might result in many pain sensation but...? I'm not sure considerably in regards to the outcomes of quick, exuberant hemorrhaging. Approximately how long wouldn't it take myself to get rid of cognizance, as well as crucial signals? Furthermore locate personally asking yourself around the much more accidental effects, for example: could the harm always be prone to damage specific neck of the guitar muscle tissues so impede myself by having the capacity to change my own oral sex? "  

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