I have tonsillitis, what kind of doctor do I see and what do I do to help it in the meantime?

Advertised . damages i are not able to drink not cold water, teas, as well as broths. What kind of health practitioner should i discover and how do I help it meanwhile?

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gilian 27-01-2013
gilian - University of London
"You can see your regular doctor, or, if you don't have one, you can go to a walk-in clinic or even the ER. At any of those places you would see a family practice or internal medicine physician. Many doctors see patients for short ""cold"" visits during this time of year so you should be able to get in quickly. A few things may help. As you've noticed, very cold or very warm liquids feel better. Take advil, tylenol, aleve, or aspirin for the pain. Gargling with very warm (but not hot) salt water is an oldie but goodie.. Lastly, Cepachol spray is the best. Doctors and pharmacists swear by it. To really numb your throat you can even gargle with that If it doesn't just hurt to swallow, but you actually feel as though there is something there and you cannot swallow, your tonsils may have swelled up too much and you should seek immediate medical attention. Same goes if you are experiencing a high fever or have a rash."
aamir 16-03-2013
aamir - Aligarh Muslim University
Equally you have discovered, cold or maybe quite ardent fluids tactile property greater. Return nuprin, tylenol, aleve, or even Empirin for that pain sensation.

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