Is every drug dangerous?

What i'm saying is I don't know a great deal regarding medicines my mate acquire medications My spouse and i wanna recognize are typical drugs risky? Do they really damage you numerous??? May anyone supply information about medications?


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jennyfer 29-01-2013
jennyfer - University of Cambridge is a site that compiles information about nearly every drug out there including experience stories by people who have actually done them. They also have the short term and long term side effects listed usually. As general advice, don't do any recreational drug until you've educated yourself on it enough to know exactly how it will or can realistically affect you. Only you can make that decision for yourself.
narang 16-03-2013
narang - Allahabad University
"Most of the drugs are can be utilised clinically, so if you make use of them too much you can overdose / complete considerable problems for oneself. Prescription medication is deemed risky simply because normally have chemical substance as well as/as well as physical side effects on the person with these, many of which may be bad for you actually, that may lead to adjustments to mind-set and also/or perhaps doings. These types of personal effects usually are felt up in addition to interpreted otherwise by every person, and also , since of the could cause potentially dangerous behaviours. Risking potential dependency can also be regarded a danger, because of obvious reasons."

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