"I stopped smoking pot for 30 days, then i smoked one joint. How long before i pass a drug test? "?

My business is 6'5 230 lbs. I'm moderately energetic.

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sabut 27-01-2013
sabut - Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Rourkela
"If you was clean 1-3 days for saliva test and 2-5 days for urine/blood. But other big factors that you need to consider are how much you smoked prior this 30 days, the pot quality and your daily water intake. You are not overweight but for person over 200 lb with low physical activity that smoke 4 and more times per week safe time for urine test is 45-60 days, for daily smoker or high grade detection time is up to 6-8 weeks.Also water,it is the most important detoxifier and proper daily intake is a key to any detoxification ..drugs, toxins,etc.. rule of thumb is to drink half your body's weight in ounces of water each day...115 oz for 230lbs .. However, the best way to find out can you pass is home drug testing and any pharmacy keep on stock some type of thc home test kits . Also you can check out this web drugtestfriend they have a consultations phone and they can help you pass if you are still dirty. For hair test detection time is approximately 90 days ."
raja.g 26-03-2013
raja.g - Jaypee University of Information Technology
        , you are watering down any(a) THC is always within you so much so this will not be perceptible. Even so, these try on zones are reasoning(a), they are fully aware you're peeing directly mineral water as a result of color of your respective glowing bath, as well as while using the creatin material (the body course creates creatin, should this uncontrolled orgasms review shows a minimal cratine degree, they understand you are pee correct normal water). Thus, by removing a lot of B vitamin supplements, you happen to be adding various rooster tone around the waters you might be pi$$ent, along with putting various creatine to be able to technique the exam. Trust me, that will do the job. Men and women cleanse products you can buy are just some sort of mixed creatine & vitamin b intricate nonetheless these people bring down a cost an income pertaining to troubles it is possible to acquire off the shelf for any part while using the disbursal.

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