Which is the best birth control pill which acts like anti-acne pills in INDIA?

"should you be about to figure out proceed check out a medical professional please do not see this.

fine thus we've heard about these types of pills and this them to do the job Wonderful. i am along Retin-Care via practically 8 weeks. someone below about Google advised me to work with Retin-Some sort of and knowning that i'd really like to know about the very best birth prevention tablets within The indian subcontinent ? which is often consumed since anti-acne breakouts supplements. i am xvii years hopefully details is needed. we would the same as to find out which often contraceptive pill worked well for you in treating acne ? which is it for sale in Asia ? is there a name ?

thanks ! :)

please help us with this particular ?!

i used to be getting anti-biotics but later found realize that it is not nutritious."

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beverly69 27-01-2013
beverly69 - Cardiff University
A low-estrogen birth control pill (regardless of the name) is usually prescribed for acne. However, it is sometimes given along with spironolactone (a fluid pill) to get rid of acne. Dosage on that is usually 50 mg 2x day. The birth control pill alone may not be enough to clear up acne.
awais 16-03-2013
awais - Guru Ghasidas University
"A low-estrogen contraceptive pill (regardless of identify) is frequently recommended regarding zits. On the other hand, frequently it's granted in conjunction with Aldactone (A water pill) to lose pimples. Medication dosage on that is generally l milligrams 2x morning. Your pill by yourself most likely are not enough to improving zits.It is Retin-A."

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