Physics - electric fields?

"This is actually the issue: Some sort of proton travels side to side off to the right in a several.60 X10^half-dozen thousand/S. (a new) Find the degree as well as course of the poorest energy industry that may deliver the proton evenly unwind over the range of three.30 centimetres. (w) Just how much period does it grab the proton to halt after coming into the area? (d) Just what minimum amount area (degree and also steering) will be needed to end a negatron beneath problems connected with part (any)? My spouse and i do not realise element Chemical, why do a field necessary to halt a new negative ""test fee"" would certainly work inside same route in which it really is vacationing. Perhaps I don't know what electric powered grounds perform. Mathematically, with all the system, it seems sensible that the path is optimistic because the two push along with management of quality cost ar bad, merely conceptually Now i'm misplaced. Help."
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When a positively charged particle enters an electric field it is repelled from the positive side of the field and attracted to the negative side of the field. The intensity of the field (in volts per meter) determines how strong the effect. A retarding field will stop a particle and it will turn around and go the other way. As a particle passes thru a retarding field it loses kinetic energy. Atom smashers use this principle to accelerate charged particles to extremely high velocities.
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An electric field that changes with time, such as due to the motion of charged particles in the field, influences the local magnetic field. That is, the electric and magnetic fields are not completely separate phenomena; what one observer perceives as an electric field, another observer in a different frame of reference perceives as a mixture of electric and magnetic fields. For this reason, one speaks of "electromagnetism" or "electromagnetic fields". In quantum electrodynamics, disturbances in the electromagnetic fields are called photons, and the energy of photons is quantized.
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