Please define Super Ego according to the Freudian Theory of Personality?

Provide the details of the concept of Freudian Theory of Personality concept of Ego?
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"The Super ego comprises the value system and the morals, which emanate from what an individual learns in childhood from his parents. It is contained in the conscious part of our memory. It believes in doing what the society says. Source:"
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"Username, self confidence along with very-self confidence are the iii aspects of the particular psychical gadget defined inwards Sigmund Freud's structural style of the head; these are these theoretic constructs regarding as their activity as well as conversation genial life is referred to. Based on this particular type of this dust from your thoughts, your identity could be the pair of uncoordinated instinctual developments; your self confidence will be the structured, realistic component; along with the extremely-vanity represents the vital as well as moralisation function. "
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