Please elaborate the Application generation subsystem of a Database?

Kindly explain the Application generation subsystem used in databases ?
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"Your Data source Application magician takes you with the coming of a brand new task. This challenge will probably support the UML models and converts intended for tables that had been picked from your data source. "
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"The actual IBM Process z Data bank Program subsystem lets you readily active DB schema to help speedily build a z/Os in this handset information admittance level pertaining to Web Products and services. Additionally, it is possible to work completely from the UML style. "
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"Application generation subsystem contains facilities to help users develop transaction-intensive applications. It usually requires that the user perform a detailed series of tasks to process a transaction. It facilitates easy-to-use data entry screens, programming languages, and interfaces. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Database_Management_System-Introduction_to_Computing-Handout_"
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