Please explain the Early adopters category of “Adopter categories”?

Please provide the details of the “Adopter categories” known as Early adopters?
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"Early adopters: The next 13.5 percent of the target market(s) adopters are called early adopters. These are those consumers’ who purchase the new product and service offering not because they are fascinated towards the “new”, but because they possess a need. They generally tend to have some idea on the product/service category, and after gathering some more information about the product and or brand, they go in for purchase. Early adopters rely on group norms and also turn out to be good opinion leaders, and could be easy targets for the marketer. Source:"
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Your standing straight into that adopters of a new service tumble based on their own readiness as well as pace in order to take hold of a new product; adoptive parent groups tend to be shown while innovators, beginning adopters, beginning the greater part, overdue absolute majority as well as laggards. Discover Dispersal connected with Development.
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