Can some one please explain the key informant method of measuring Opinion Leadership.

I am preparing for my finals in the next month. i can't find the solution to this question.
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"Marketers can encourage Opinion Leadership through their marketing strategies. Examples, - through schemes like “share you experiences”, “tell others that you like our brand”, etc., marketers encourage consumers to discuss their experiences with others (eg. Electronic goods etc). - through showing advertisements that portray product/service informal discussions about products/services amongst people (eg. health drinks, skin and hair care products etc.). Source:"
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"Viewpoint leadership will be control simply by a dynamic advertising consumer and also exactly who translates this is involving mass media emails or even articles with regard to decrease-conclusion press users. Typically the viewpoint boss will be locked in large regard by simply those who recognize her or his thoughts. Thoughts and opinions management arises from the theory of 2-action flow connected with connection propounded by simply Paul Lazarsfeld as well as Elihu Katz[i] Significant developers of the theory have been Robert Thousand. Merton, D. Wright Mills in addition to Bernard Berelson.[2] This specific possibility is just one of a number of designs of which try and clarify this diffusion involving improvements, thoughts, or industrial items. "
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