"Will you Please explain it to me how can an understanding of the nervous system help us to find ways to alleviate disease and pain? "

hello every one,,,kindly explain me how our nervous system come to know about disease and pain etc...
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"Biofeedback is a procedure by which a person learns to control internal physiological processes. By controlling involuntary responses, people are able to relieve anxiety, tension, migraine headaches, and a wide range of other psychological and physical problems."
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If you have ache, you're not alone: Online surveys of individuals using Parkinson’ohydrates illness (PD) have demostrated that will as much as 1 / 2 many PD patients expertise significant in addition to chronic (in excess of half a year) discomfort. Those with PD, withal, add’T generally explain to the health professionals about it discomfort, so all too often it is going neglected.
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