Please provide the details of the Values and lifestyles attribute of a family?

What is the meaning of Values and lifestyles family attribute and what are the major concepts associated with it?
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"Values and lifestyles: The parents in the family are also a source of values and lifestyles for the family. The grandparents and the parents in the family, inculcate among the children basic values and norms, and also tell them about suitable lifestyles. This has an impact on the children when it comes their day to day living, on their education, career, recreational activities, etc. With both parents earning and having occupations, and the family experiencing a dual-income set up, a transition has been witnessed in lifestyles of children and dependents. Children are becoming independent day by day and becoming clearer about “what” they want; the brands they seek. People are also time-constrained and so seeking easy ways out. This has led to the emergence of products and services that are easily available, convenient to use and free of hassles. For example, there is the fast food industry, ready-to-eat packaged meals etc. Source:"
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"Nowadays, the term ""family beliefs"" has developed into cry from the increase in untraditional individuals within this land. High of this latest community discourse concerning women who bear youngsters beyond marital life may seem to echo an underlying supposition that will proper prices usually are anything these types of girls basically will not have. A good claimed descent in ideals, oftentimes symbolized on tv simply by families went by means of single moms, and particularly black single mothers, continues to be held responsible for just a numerous interpersonal difficulties, as well as being out of work, illness, institution decline-available rates and also an increase in jejune offense.3 Because the pin the consequence on pertaining to these problems have been added to ""the dislocation with the standard spouse and children,"" it's not at all shocking a large number of folk have figured your logical way to the catch is the actual reunion on the traditional household design.three It is assumed until this volition return the united states for an earliest time, your ""langsyne,"" during which beliefs had been presumptively distinct in addition to far better. Consistent with these contemplating, recent times have witnessed an increase in governments programs and insurance policy recommendations from both community along with national amounts directed at bolstering the standard family members construction, or else stimulating what are presumed to become ""family valuations.""several "
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