"What are positive and negative correlations, and why do they enable prediction but not cause-effect explanation?"

"i want to understand the basic ideology behind positive and negative correlations, and why the predictions are not cause-effect explanation."
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"Scatterplots help us to see correlations. A positive correlation (ranging from 0 to +1.00) indicates the extent to which two factors rise together. In a negative correlation (ranging from 0 to −1.00), one item rises as the other falls. An association (sometimes stated as a correlation coefficient) indicates the possibility of a cause-effect relationship, but it does not prove the direction of the influence, or whether an underlying third factor may explain the correlation."
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This effects is often a strategy to gauge the way related or maybe associated a couple variables tend to be. The actual examiner looks at issues that previously really exist as well as decides in the event and in exactly what right smart those activities are related to the other. The purpose of carrying out correlations is to allow us to make a prediction about one variable quantity according to whatever we be aware of a different varying.
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