Did president harry truman make the right choice in dropping the atomic bomb on japan?

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"Harry Truman bungled the process of making a choice about the bombing of Japan. For example, he really did a poor job in communicating with Stalin and Attlee at the Potsdam conference. For example, Stalin had known about the Manhatten Project well before Truman,himself, had known about it. Truman's straying from the policies of Roosevelt and his secretiveness about the bomb only served to validate in Stalin's mind that the USA had an unsavory agenda regarding the bomb...that went far beyond ending the war with Japan. Instead of the USA cooperating with the USSR in regard to an invasion of Japan, the USSR understandibly perceived the USA's frantic double -nuking of Japan as a power grab for the entire nation of Japan. The USSR had been at war with Japan well prior to the US entry in the Pacific Theatre. With the USA now using the bomb as a threat against other nations, and attempting to keep it exclusively a US weapon of mass destruction, Stalin easily perceived Truman as a kind of typical bumpkin monster. Truman was an extremely poor communicator and his choice regarding the bomb was greatly hampered by that poor communication."
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My partner and i completely don't agree while using the excrement regarding equally tanks and also via looking at a history I ran across it was basically "more than-wipe out."
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