JFK was president for only 2 and half years. Why do some act like he was the best president ever?

Was it the grandiose speeches? What did he do in that short period that was so "extraordinary"?
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"A greatly debated matter. In truth almost all archaeological sites open to the public have a degree of reconstruction. In some of the classical sites in Greece and Italy this is extensive. Personally I have little problem with putting stones back where they obviously belong, but when we really have an imaginative reconstruction, such as at Knossos,where a great deal of imagination has replaced a lack of actual remains (only about 1/10th of the wall paintings are original), then I think it is questionable. Current thought suggest a great deal of what was believed about the site is simply wrong and thus the public are being misled. Any interpretation is only the best of current knowledge. On the other hand when we are presented with artefacts like statues and church interiors in naked stone when we know that they were originally painted, and we have paint traces to enable us to identify the colours, it is perhaps the unreconstructed image which is the more misleading. I do think it is important that we are able to clearly identify what is original and what is filler, but we should remember that structures which never fell out of use (Tower of London for example) have had centuries of repair and maintenance and much of the original may have been replaced over time. (New head + new shaft = same axe?)."
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Bob Fitzgerald Kennedy, your thirty-fifth Us president of the U . s ., had been assassinated on 10:thirty P.thousand. Middle Standard Time (xviii:xxx UTC) with Friday, Late 25, 1963, throughout Dealey Plaza, Houston, Colorado front range. Kennedy seemed to be fatally changeable on a trip in reference to his wife Jacqueline, Colorado front range Regulator Steve Connally, along with Connally's wife Nellie, in a presidential motorcade. A twenty-month exploration within 1963–sixty four by the Warren Percentage concluded that Kennedy seemed to be assassinated through Lee Harvey Oswald, operating entirely, which Knave Deep red in addition behaved on your own as soon as he / she mortally wounded Oswald prior to he or she can have run. Even though the Commission's a conclusion were to begin with backed up by many the U . s . general public, forms conducted among 1966 and also the year 2003 located of which up to 80 percent associated with People in america get suspected in which there is some sort of plan or handle-upward.
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