Provide An Assessment of the Hierarchy of Effects Model.

Can someone help me with this assignment question. What are the results of the Hierarchy of Effects Model assesment.
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"An Assessment of the Theory: The Hierarchy of Effects Model illustrates how consumers exhibit cognitive, affective, and conative behaviors. However, critics have argued on the ordered steps during the purchase process. They believe that consumers do not always move in a linear manner from a cognitive or thinking component to a affect or feeling component to a conative or action component. Thus other models have been proposed which while based on the same steps arrange them in a different manner, eg., Robertson’s Model (Problem recognition, Awareness, Comprehension, Attitude, Legitimization, Trial, Adoption, Dissonance), Roger’s Model (Knowledge, Persuasion, Decision, Implementation, Confirmation), AIDAS Model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action and Satisfaction) and the Adoption Model (Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Trial, Adoption). Further, critics have also argued that depending on the nature of the purchase situation, in terms of involvement levels, (high involvement or low involvement), the thinking-feeling-action sequence would change. In case of low involvement, the sequence would be thinking-action-feeling sequence; and in case of high involvement, the sequence would be thinking-feeling-action sequence. Source:"
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" Amid promoting concepts, the pecking order-involving-consequences modelling is definitely main. That exhibits apparent steps connected with exactly how promoting works. Power structure regarding side effects can be spelled out by making use of a new chart. Initial the reduced flat aims including understanding, information or perhaps inclusion usually are achieved. Next goals whitethorn concentrate on going potential customers to raised degrees inside the pyramid to help bring about coveted behaviour answers like associating thoughts while using model, trial, or typical work with and so on. it is easier to attain offer aims placed for the base of the pyramidthan the ones to your top rated. Your share associated with potential clients will probably descent since they move up your chart towards to a greater extent action orientated ambitions, including frequent brand name work with."
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