Provide the details of Consumer Involvement in the marketplace. How does it effect the role of a Consumer?

How does consumer approach the marketplace which is called as the term consumer Involvement. Explain this term in details.
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"Nature of Consumer Involvement: 1. It is an inner urge that creates within an individual an interest/desire to hold certain product/service offerings in greater relevance/importance. 2. Involvement possesses certain properties: a) It has a level of strength and intensity that determines the degree of involvement that a consumer possesses. This could be high or low. b) The length of time that the consumer remains in this heightened state determines the level of persistence. It could be short term and situational interest in the product/service category; or it could be long term and enduring. c) It is directed towards any or all of the elements of the marketing mix. A person may show involvement towards the product (its features/attributes and benefits), the price, the store or the dealer or even the promotional effort (advertisement/sales promotion etc). Docsity.com 3. A mechanism underlies the very process of involvement. As a process, involvement is impacted by certain “antecedents” that get restrained by “moderating factors,” and finally affect its degree of intensity and level of persistence. Antecedent factors are certain factors that precede and lead to involvement; these include the person himself and the individual determinants; the object, stimuli or the product/service offering; and, the purchase situation. Moderating factors are factors that can restrain the impact of antecedents so as to impact the level of involvement include the opportunity available to the person to collect and collate facts and information, the cognitive ability to process information and draw conclusions, and the time available in hand. 4. The antecedents, moderators and the properties of involvement finally converge to a response in terms of information search, information processing, information transmission, the purchase decision and post purchase behavior. Consumer involvement affects the ways in which consumers seek, process, and transmit information, make purchase decisions and make post purchase evaluation.Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Consumer_Needs_and_Involvment_-_Consumer_Behavior_-_Solved_Quiz_"
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"Consumerism within the general market place is actually considering serious modifications. Client targets are generally increasing drastically pertaining to everything from household products to help junior-grade instruction. Knowing of the ever-changing anticipation of shoppers really should be portion of any kind of customer-orientated advancement program. Without having consideration towards the explicit along with unverbalized objectives of consumers, sudden concerns and protests can block the advance connected with even the many highly sound architectural plan. "
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