Provide the Factors affecting the construction of stock market index?

I was wondering how does Stock Market is effected? Provide different factors.
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"Factors affecting the construction of stock market index • Sample: It should be representative of total population • Base year: It should be a normal year • Weighting criteria – Equally Weighted Series – Price Weighted Series – Market value Weighted Series. Source:"
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"The actual stock index function as an indication of the standard days of economic downturn of any region / spot / field. If the securities market indices tend to be growth, it indicates how the total general economic system of the nation will be stable understanding that this people have trust in the rise narrative on the economic system. When, nonetheless, you will find there's dive within the stock index a duration of time , this implies which the economic climate of the country is within struggling oceans. The idea’any additionally an illustration associated with what the corporates therein commonwealth usually are lining. "
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