Provide some general information of a hierarchical structure of a database?

Kindly provide some general information of database hierarchical structure?
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"Within a hierarchic databases, documents contain multiple mother or father/child human relationships, just like A tree structure. E.g., with a customers epithet (mum or dad) could be located a child; verbal description with their last purchase as well as the day, a child thereunder would be the specific things bought, the charge for each piece and also a outline from the piece, along with a different baby under that could be the items suppliers name. "
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"This kind of recursive function retrieves some sort of hierarchal shrub structure from the stand having fair several articles which discover every node within the pine: Levels (the actual level on the lymph gland in the shrub), No ., Label, as well as ParentID. Offered a great ID as well as a Degree, the actual perform opens a pointer as well as retrieves the whole side from the shrub for your given lymph node as well level. "
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"The hierarchical structure was used in early mainframe DBMS. Records’ relationships form a treelike model. This structure is simple but non-flexible because the relationship is confined to a one-to-many relationship. IBM’s IMS system and the RDM Mobile are examples of a hierarchical database system with multiple hierarchies over the same data. RDM Mobile is a newly designed embedded database for a mobile computer system. The hierarchical structure is used primarily today for storing geographic information and file systems. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Database_Management_System-Introduction_to_Computing-Handout_"
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