Can some one provide the impact on a Reference group by a Power, credibility, and trustworthiness factor?

Please help me I am stuck with this. Provide the Power, credibility, and trustworthiness impact on the Reference group?
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"Power, credibility, and trustworthiness: The impact that a reference group can generate also depends upon how powerful, credible and trustworthy the reference group is. When a reference group is powerful, and regarded as credible and trustworthy, there is greater probability of it being able to influence people. A person who looks towards reference groups for information and advice about product and service offerings as also brands, always examines the credibility and trustworthiness of the group. He may also be fearful of the power of the reference group and would go by group-say out of fear or to avoid any undesirable consequences. He may also be looking for social approval and acceptance of others in his reference group. The probability of he being persuaded by such reference groups is high. Source:"
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