Kindly provide the Investment Management and Portfolio topic called Secondary Market?

Elaborate the concept of Secondary Market in context on Investment Management and Portfolio?
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"Secondary Market • Existing securities issued in the primary market are traded • This market enables participants who held securities to adjust their holdings in response to changes in their assessment of risks and returns. • It operates through over-the-counter (OTC) market and the exchange traded market. • Operation of Secondary Market: Trading , Settlement • Trading: Can be Open Outcry System and/or Screen-Based System. Under Open Outcry System traders shout and resort to signals on the trading floor of the exchange which consists of several trading posts for different securities. Buyers make their bids and sellers make their offers and bargains are closed at mutually agreed-upon prices. Under Screen-Based System Buyers and sellers place their orders on the computer. They can be limit order or best market price order. The computer constantly tries to match mutually compatible orders on price and time priority. • Modern settlement system is an electronic delivery mechanism: It is facilitated by Depositories which is an institution which dematerializes physical certificates and effects transfer of ownership by electronic book entries. Settlement Procedure can be Weekly Settlement, Carry forward system (badla and undha badla), Rolling Settlement (T+1). Source:"
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Your legitimate grocery store, also referred to as the upgraded, may be the fiscal current market wherever previously supplied stock options in addition to financial musical instruments including investment, provides, selections, in addition to futures are ordered and also sold.. ...
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