Provide some file processing systems disadvantages?

"Can someone list or elaborate some disadvantages of file processing systems? "
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"Files Redundancy Data Redundance agency very same facts are repetitive in several data. This will make facts redundance. Files Repugnance Facts Mutual exclusiveness means different copies of the identical facts are not coordinating. Meaning diverse versions of exact same fundamental information usually are recent. This occurs as the result of replace businesses which are not upgrading exactly the same info located in unique areas. Exercise: Tackle Data of a purchaser will be noted in different ways in numerous data."
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"One more downside of the more common file system is the insufficient safety measures. Although some filling up display cases will have locks, it is possible to several offices which do not ignition lock his or her units. This particular simply leaves a great deal of crucial and frequently discreet data encountered with risking potential robbery. Furthermore in the event any kind of documents wander off chances are they may have asleep(p) for a long time. While using the repository technique this will not be the truth several electric information are duplicated along with stored in many personal computers or even harddrives. With the databases tactic it truly is very easy to easily seek a key news gain access to the files that you are right after. However the regular filing system can be quite a much more complicated to uncover just what that you are after while although it will likely be alphabetically bought you might not always be inquisitory within the right class unless you know all the specifics of the situation."
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"End users criticized file processing because the data is stored in many different files and each organized in a different way. Each file was specialized to be used with a specific application. File processing was bulky, costly and inflexible when it came to supplying needed data accurately and promptly. Data redundancy is an issue with the file processing system because the independent data files produce duplicate data so when updates were needed each separate file would need to be updated. Another issue is the lack of data integration. The data is dependent on other data to organize and store it. Lastly, there was not any consistency or standardization of the data in a file processing system which makes maintenance difficult. Source:"
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